About us

JCP Master Packaging Co., Ltd. and Limited Partnership JCP Industrial Established on September 18, 1996 with the purpose of manufacturing, importing and distributing all kinds of packing equipment such as OPP Tape, PVC tape, Scotch tape, 2-sided adhesive tape, film Stretching pallets, plastic straps, packing machines, cloth gloves, mufflers, etc. These packaging are necessary for every requirement. The industry is tremendously important because it helps to store and transport goods. It also helps protect products for every industry.

JCP Master Packaging Co., Ltd. and Limited Partnership JCP Industrial It is important to see the importance. And the need to use pack equipment and understand the competitive economy at all times. To entrepreneurs. Have been convenient for good quality products and reasonable price for  a long time. There are several leading companies entrusted with the service of JCP Master Packaging Co., Ltd. and Limited Partnership. JCP Industrial Be it the quality conscious , On-the-time delivery , Fair price , friendly service.

If you are interested in our products. Or more information about the product. Please contact us immediately. We are happy to serve you. Whether you are a large, medium or small operator, you will be provided with the best possible service, guaranteeing that you will be impressed with every service.


Hotline: 08-3068-8933 

Tel. 02-811-5550 (Auto 10 Lines)

Fax. 02-811-5532, 02-811-4113, 02-420-9151

Your satisfaction is our pride.


Managed by a team of people. This is a person who is knowledgeable in management. And with a lot of experience in the packaging industry. Including personnel in the organization is committed. Intent on customer service to the fullest.


JC Master Packaging Co., Ltd. and Limited Partnership JCP Industrial We are committed to creating the best quality products. To meet the needs of the highest customer. And fast service to impress the customer. According to the company policy, "Quality conscious , On-the-time delivery , Fair price , Friendly service"


  • The quality of goods must be always standard.
  • The sale of goods in a fair price to reduce the cost to the customer.
  • Courteous service and friendly and fast.
  • Add distribution channels and distribution at all levels and industries..
  • Development work of the Organization and our employees, with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Business is environmentally friendly.